ONDU Pinhole Cameras


Do you remember pinhole cameras? Of course you do, it was that cardboard box strapped together with duct tape that your A-level photography teacher used to make in the first week of college and pretend like they were a genius. Pinhole photography is a lost art, instead of a lens and any modern advances in capture been applied, you rely solely on a tiny pin hole to capture the light and project directly onto photographic paper. They’re a back to basics form of photography, removing all control and producing dream like snapshots of the world.

ONDU make these stunning retro, handmade wooden cameras that are easy to use and highly durable. The wood is all locally sourced and the during production it passes through their hands constantly, there is a huge attention to detail and a real care to the product they’re producing.

Their aim is to take you back to a simpler time and let the light do the work, no focus, no preview, no filters – just unique photos.

Check out some images below and for more info head to ONDU.SI