See What Futurama Might Look Like In Realistic 3D


Designer and animator Alexey Zakharov’s 30-second video of what the Futurama universe might look like in glorious 3D has been making the rounds over the last couple of days, it provides a small glimpse of what ‘could be’ if the series ever got a full fledged HD-3D reboot. It’s a gorgeously detailed rendition of Futurama’s main setting ‘New New York’, The detail is amazing – from a holographic MomCorp ad, the Planet Express delivery spaceship’s battered hull, the tube public transport system and what appears to be a version of The Nimbus battle ship flying by at the end.

The clip is only short, but its been enough the wet the appetite of Futurama fans and spark plenty of discussion and wishful thinking. I’ve been throwing money at my Macbook screen all day, hoping that somehow it will help to make a feature length version possible…no joy yet though.

For more of Zakharov’s work head over to his BEHANCE PAGE.