The Killer Inside Me – Official Trailer

killer inside casey

Adapted from the 1952 Jim Thomas pulp fiction novel of the same name, The Killer Inside Me is a brutal unforgiving romp through the mind of one man’s personal decent into hell. The book was famously described by Stanley Kubrick as “probably the most chilling and believable first-person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered”.

British director Michael Winterbottom is the latest in a long line to take a swing at adapting the highly regarded novel into the world of film. Several failed attempts have been put in motion over the years only to be met with problems and setbacks. In the late 50’s, 20th Century Fox originally optioned the project as a possible starring vehicle for Marilyn Monroe, with Monroe starring as Joyce Lakeland. Marlon Brando was attached to star as Lou Ford and Elizabeth Taylor was considered at the time for the role of Amy Stanton. But after Monroe’s unexpected death the project was canned. In the early 80’s Tom Cruise was attached to a project that would see him play the Lou Ford character, but that also fell through. More recently after Tarantino’s success with Pulp Fiction in the mid 90’s, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis were all attached to a Tarantino re-working of the novel, only to have the project cancelled after the 9/11 attacks; the studio thought the film would be too violent for audiences to handle.

The movie follows Lou Ford (Casey Affleck), the deputy sheriff of a small Texas town who is married to long-standing fiancée Amy Stanton (Kate Hudson). A somewhat shy but always polite and courteous citizen, Ford is committed to his job and serving his community, his one vice been the affair he is having with working girl Joyce Lakeland (Jessica Alba) to fulfil his fantasies. It’s this passionate affair and his taste for rough sex brought on by a troubled family background that unlock the murderous tendencies and overwhelming hate within him.

The story is told from the point of view of Ford and it quickly becomes apparent that he is an unreliable source of information; he is nowhere near as in control of his urges and tendencies as he would like to be or should be. Was it a troubled background that led him down this path or is he schizophrenic? Does he love either his fiancée or his mistress? Or both? Or neither? His indecisions and contradictions between thought and action keep the viewer on edge at all times.

The film is causing a stir due to its bleak and chilling depiction of Ford’s murders. I’m not the kind of person turned off by horror and violence, but even by my own desensitized admission this is a very very violent and unforgiving depiction of Lou Ford’s disturbing crimes. The last movie I saw that I can compare this level of both violence and emotional trauma to is Gaspar Noé’s legendary 2002 film Irréversible. The one thing that seperates both movies mentioned from the torture porn or rapey art house movies like Hostel and Saw etc is that clear direct consequence is shown for the character’s actions. Ford is a loathsome character that commits heinous acts of violence, but all through the movie he is met with consequences and responsibility for his actions.

Winterbottom has done a great job of bringing the book to life on the screen, with great thanks to an excellent cast across the board. Affleck really shines in the film and cements himself as the more talented of the two, between himself and brother Ben. The Killer Inside Me is a triumph of cinema and should be watched by all mature enough to handle its content and messages.

The Killer Inside Me is out now across the UK and carries an 18+ certificate. For more information click here