The Human Centipede (First Sequence) – Official Trailer


The Human Centipede is a new Dutch horror film about to hit our shores, It tells the story of a crazed doctor who wishes to full-fill his fantasy of creating (you guessed it) a human centipede. Created by controversial Dutch film director, writer and producer Tom Six, it is causing quite an uproar with critics and movie goers galore.

What do you think of when you imagine a human centipede? Probably not the kidnapping of three random foreigners, hours of degradation, a painful kneecapping and eventually sewing them up together from mouth to anus. Tom Six has stated that the inspiration for the film “came from a joke he always made to friends about punishing people who were nasty or annoying, or a child molester by stitching their mouths to the ass of a fat truck driver. The inclusion of a German villain was a conscious decision, based upon the German invasion of the Netherlands during World War II, and the subsequent Nazi medical experiments.

There is a great deal of buzz about what will either turn out to be a shock, horror, low budget – disaster or an incredibly twisted and considered piece of cinema. Check the trailer for yourself, but beware… Oh, and this is the first part, there is a sequel in production, which Six promises will make the first one seem tame, I’m worried.