New Blood: Forest Family Records

So just over a month ago, the guys behind massively popular music blogs Weekly Tape Deck and Gorilla vs Bear decided to start a label. Nothing new there, loads of guys start little labels and put out 7″‘s; but the difference here is that Chris & Nate have been influential and totally on the pulse for years now, being the first to blog about loads of breaking acts. A label run by guys that sharp? That’s pretty daunting. I caught up with them around the release of their debut single, the incredible ‘Go Outside’ by Cults, to chat about their reasons for starting up the label, running their blogs and a label alongside each other, and the successes/fails of previous blogs-turned-labels.

An obvious one, but what made you both want to start the label? A spark of inspiration, or just a yearning to be able to put out records by some of these great acts you were both blogging about?
We view it as an opportunity to help some of the artists we love to be heard on a larger scale.

Any other mp3-blogs-turned-labels that you look up to for inspiration, or have turned to for advice.
We don’t look at it as a ‘blog-turned-label’ at all, the label and blogs are going to be two very separate things. however, our friends at True Panther and Transparent are doing some amazing things and we admire that.

Fantastic choice of first release with Cults, what made you go with them for your debut?
The song just seemed to really grab all of us and the band (Cults) were very willing for us to put this out as their first release. Things just seemed to fall into place for us.

How’re you finding the difference between sourcing acts for the label and for your respective blogs? How are you going to keep maintaining both with the same great level of content while also keeping the label afloat?
We still intend to maintain our respective blogs separately from the label. While we blog about the music we like and plan on releasing music we like, there will be some similarities, but we still intend for the blogs and the label to be dichotomous.

Lastly, what can we look forward to in the future from you guys?
You can expect for us to produce the music we love in a very high quality format. Quality is our goal for all of these releases and we want that to remain synonymous with the work that we do. As far as who? We’re in talks with several artists now that we should be ready to announce very soon.

You can keep up to date with Forest Family Records over at their site as well as their respective blogs at Gorilla Vs Bear and Weekly Tape Deck. The video for their second release, Gauntlet Hair’s ‘I Was Thinking’ is embedded below.