Hello, Rewind


I’m always trying to find a way to utilise old clothes that have fallen to the bottom of the wardrobe into the “just don’t even think about it” pile but I’m not too brilliant at the whole customising thing, the huge slice in between Morrisey’s eyebrows is testament to that, so “Hello Rewind” seemed like a pretty good idea to me. It works on the basis that you send in old t-shirts and they make you a brand new laptop case which, lets face it, when you throw your favourite Cure t-shirt into the mix is a brilliant idea. The company also stands as a charity, donating their profits in a bid to help those that have been sex trafficked into New York (a shocking 17,000 a year) to learn new skills and get new jobs, many of them working on creating your case so you can enjoy dressing your laptop up like an indie God whilst feeling safe in the knowledge you’re doing some good in the world. Everybody wins.

For more info on Hello, Rewind, check out their site here. They’re currently taking international orders, but it’s best to email them first.