Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Trailer


The latest trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is here and gives some more insight into the film’s central conflict which seems to revolve around a group of escaped female prisoners. Whilst we usually scoff at the idea of revisiting established franchises, the Mad Max reboot/sequel looks absolutely insane.

With writer/director George Miller who created the franchise at the helm and the always excellent Tom Hardy filling Mel Gibson’s boots in the lead role, confidence was always going to be high, but after this latest trailer, we’re more excited than ever.

The film sits somewhere in-between a reboot and a sequel, officially this is ‘Mad Max 4’ but it doesn’t follow on from the events of the third (Beyond Thunderdome), nor is it a reboot or a re-telling of the original. The events take place somewhere after the first but before the second film, but adhere to the franchises characters and rules.

Mad Max: Fury Road will get a worldwide release on May 15. Check the first official trailer below and for more info head to IMDB.