James Franco Taunts Jonah Hill in the ‘True Story’ Official Trailer


‘True Story’ is surprisingly enough based on a true story. In 2001 a man named Christian Longo was sought after and convicted for the murders of this wife and three children. Whilst he was on the run though, he assumed the identity of Michael Finkel, a recently disgraced New York Times journalist. Finkel found out and met Longo in person to find out why, eventually he wrote a memoir on his experience of the strange case.

Based off the memoir the upcoming ‘True Story’ will feature Jonah Hill as Michael Finkel and James Franco as Michael Longo. The movie focuses on Finkel’s need to find out more about Longo’s story, motives and to discover wether there is any weight to his claims of innocence.

Check out the trailer below and for more info head to IMDB.