Untraditional Traditions From Jack Daniel’s


When we talk about Christmas traditions we tend to think about hanging stockings, hot chocolate by the fire, all the blood shed amongst the family as we fight over the last Malteaser Celebrations, the same crap stock gifts you get from your Gran each year or the multitude of Christmas cliche’s that seasonal advertising tries to convince us to do (buy).

But what else do we do? What are the peoples actual Christmas traditions, ones that aren’t shaped by an idea of what Christmas should be, but actually is. Jack Daniel’s have recently put out their new Christmas advert that celebrates The 26ft tall Christmas tree made entirely of whiskey barrels they put up, each year it brings the people of Lynchburg together and makes people think about not what’s under the tree, or even on the tree, put who is around it.

For me, every year on Christmas eve, I spend the night touring the bars around my city, catching up with all the managers, bar staff and people I know and work with all year around. Working in the nightlife industry is a taxing and time consuming affair and luckily for me I don’t open my venue on Christmas Eve, so my time is spent wishing well to those who share the same passion for the industry that I do. We never generally get much of break or social life all year around, we work bank holidays, through new years and every weekend, my regular day off is a Wednesday….what the hell happens on a Wednesday? Christmas Eve is one of those rare moments during our calendar where trade is good enough to stay open, but not crazy enough so everyone is distracted and working their ass off – allowing us all to take the time to chat and relax a bit before our only genuine two days holiday and the run up to New Years.

Check out the Jack Daniel’s Traditions mini site here and have a marvel at their mega Barrel Tree in the ad below.

Celebrate Joyfully. Drink Responsibly.

[This post is sponsored by Jack Daniels]