‘I Am Bread’ – Is This The Stupidest Video Game Ever Made?


‘I Am Bread’ is here to suck up your time with its stupidity – but it looks amazingly fun.

With development tools becoming more accessible and distribution methods changing to allow independent developers easier access to mass market, off-the-wall games and niche concepts are starting to see the light of day. Last year’s ‘Goat Simulator’ is a great example of something that started as a joke and soon developed in a multi platform overnight success.

The latest offering from Bossa Studios, the team behind the impossible to master, but heavily replay-able and humorous (for all the wrong reasons) ‘Surgeon Simulator 2013’ is called ‘I Am Bread’, a game in which you simulate life as…a…piece…of…bread.

Taking on the role of a single slice of white bread wandering around the virtual world, embarking on an epic and emotional journey to become toasted. Doesn’t it just sound like the stupidest game ever made? Well maybe not ‘ever’ but it’s pretty close.

Check out the trailer below and make a decision for yourself.