Ray-Ban Presents ‘The Order Of Never Hide’


Ray-Ban, the world’s coolest sunglass creators have just revealed…a secret society…that’s not a secret…but it is – sort of.

The Order of Never Hide celebrates the unique qualities that make being human awesome. Our ability to be eccentric, strange and our limitless creativity, all the while feeling comfortable and content in the fact we’re all in this together, each of us being stranger and more unique than the last.

There are five challenges allowing you to prove what you’re made of, each linked to a new pair of sunglasses from their range.

Blend like Camo – The Order of Never Hide’s first challenge, is to do what it’s name implies – don’t hide. Get out in the world and do something to make your mark, selfie with a tiger? Go on then.

Tough as leather – Now its time to prove you’re a badass, show your strength.

Smooth as velvet – Charm them and charm them good. Find one of the finest looking members of the order and put your silver tongue to the test. The rules are simple, they ask a question and you answer as smoothly and calmly as possible. Put that mouth to work…

Strong as titanium – Can you be unflinching cold and lifeless in the face of a barrage of provocative imagery? The test here is to see how you hold up against a stream of video – you blink, you lose.

Rugged as denim – You think you’re tough? Let us know your deepest secrets and see if you can hold up.

Complete the challenges and not only will you be inducted for life, you’ll be in with a chance to win a four star trip for two to London: on 25th October 2014, you’ll take part in the initiation ceremony, where you’ll be celebrated as the first official modern members of the Order.

Want to join? Well, spiritually you’re already a member – but just confirm everything and to get started completing your challenges head over to ray-ban.com/orderofneverhide