Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


This year’s Call Of Duty release has just received its first trailer, initial details leaked via DESTRUCTOID yesterday and to quell any rampant speculation Activision quickly jumped into action and released the official trailer.

The trailer itself is full of futuristic elements, including soldiers donning Elysium-esque exoskeletons, stealth vehicles, advanced Spiderman-style gloves that allow the wearer to scale buildings, and multiple displays of supernatural strength. It’s yet another departure from the realistic elements of war, one that will split opinion amongst the franchise’s fans.

The story seems to focus on a vigilante military group that opposes the actions of the US government, all headed by a charismatic individual (played and voiced by Kevin Spacey). Setting out to show that the most powerful military force in the future will be a corporation not a country.

Check out the trailer below and for more info head to CALLOFDUTY.COM/ADVANCEDWARFARE