Scarlett Johansson Stars In The New Trailer For Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’

The trailer has just landed for Luc Besson’s new action movie Lucy, with Scarlett Johansson in the lead role. Johansson plays a drug mule reluctantly working for the mob, set in a future Taipei in 2069 AD, the city is overrun by the criminal underworld and corrupt law enforcement.

After been drugged, cut open and filled with a mysterious new drug, strange things start to occur as the package embedded in her stomach accidentally leaks into her system. She begins to develop into a metahuman capable of insane powers such as absorbing knowledge instantly, moving objects with her mind and an immunity to all pain. As her powers increase she seeks the help of a medical professor (Morgan Freeman) to harness what’s inside of her; whilst simultaneously running from the criminals who set her up.

It hits cinemas on August 8 this year and for more info head to IMDB.