Is The ‘Leaked’ ‘Unreleased’ Jay Z & Daft Punk Collaboration Bullshit?


Yea, probably. After waking up this morning, its turns out that 90% of the internet is losing their shit over a ‘leaked’ Jay Z & Daft Punk collaboration ‘Computerized’. With some people claiming it was produced by Kanye, others (who have done some digging) think its from around the time DP produced the TRON soundtrack, while others are confident its a new cut.

No one knows who’s right or wrong on this, but I think we can all agree… it sucks.

The team at Noisey, think its a big pile of crap, and some kid with garageband probably whipped it up for a laugh using samples from Daft Punk’s ‘The Son of Flynn’ and an old Jay-Z Acapella.

Pitchfork are 100% certain is a studio version that was left over from the TRON release.

Some people are staying diplomatic (like me) and just simply saying, here listen to this, it’s awful.