Is ‘Kung Fury’ The Most Ridiculous Film Ever Made?


Kung Fury might just be the most ridiculous movie ever concepted. Written and Directed by David Sandberg, it’s best described as an ’80’s cop action film’ crossed with ‘saturday morning cartoons’ and ‘grindhouse b-movies’.

The film follows renegade cop Kung Fury as he encounters a series of unfortunate events which result in the death of his best friend. After discovering the assassination was carried out by the world deadliest Kung Fu master Hitler, Kung Fury heads back in time (with the help of a Nintendo Power Glove and a ZX Spectrum) to avenge his death. Things don’t quite go to plan and he overshoots, landing in the Viking ages, but after enlisting the help of a busty viking, giant Thor and a T-Rex, he then pushes on forward to Nazi Germany (somehow) for the showdown of his life.

The project is been funded on Kickstarter, the original goal was to produce a 30min free to view short with a budget of $200,000, but as of writing they’ve increased the goal to a million (after receiving a whopping $450,000 in just 4 weeks) and aim to produce a full length feature.

Check out the trailer below and to pledge to their kickstarter head to KICKSTARTER.COM