A Three-Hour Mashup of Every NES ‘Press Start’ Screen


YouTube user NicksplosionFX has put together this supercut of every single title screen of every game released for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom if you live in Japan) in roughly alphabetical order. He claims it’s a complete collection, but I haven’t sat through the full 3 hours to check!

Back when all our consoles were 8-bit, the design of the title screen was often the most important factor into luring the player into the game. Unable to create the complex visuals and gameplay we see today, designers made the best of the tools they had and often used the start screen to display the titles most impressive graphical output. The screens in the video range from very minimal & simple lists to full blown animated sequences, its a fascinating look at the evolution of gaming and how technological restrictions didn’t stop the designers experimenting and pushing the limits of the tech.

Check it out below. If you can make it through the full 3 hours… you have way more patience than I do.