KIDULT ‘No Gallery, No Master’


‘No Gallery, No Master’ is the latest project from the always controversial street artist KIDULT, aiming to bring awareness to his cause and create a hub for him to sell some limited edition pieces. It’s ironic that an artist that’s so anti-capitalism has decided to put some pieces up for sale, but in his own words he justifies it by saying…

The notion of capitalism is absent from my work. Selling my art allows me to fund free art and global actions, it is a closed loop system.

Claiming that there is no profit to be made and all proceeds fund his travel and equipment to make more art.

KIDULT is always a polarising figure, some believe in his headstrong ideas and anti establishment message and choose to see him as a true rebel against society. On the other side, he often comes across as a hack that peddles pseudo-intelligent messages and uses it to justify his destructive nature.

However you feel about his work, it’s always interesting to see what the guys been up to.

Check out the full introductory video below and for more info on the ‘No Gallery, No Master’ project head to NOGALLERYNOMASTER.COM