The Office Turntable


Kontor Records a German house label were fed up of sending out promo cds to little or no response, so they’ve set out to quietly shake up the process of sending out music PR and samples.

For their label artist Boris Dlougosch’s latest release, they pressed the track to vinyl and packaged it in a fake paper ‘office turntable’. With the help of a smartphone app, the record can be played back, by just laying your device on top of the record.

It’s certainly a cool concept and a hook to get noticed, but will it change anything in the long run? Probably not. Although saying that, I’d be 100% more likely to listen to this than the mountain of badly packaged and shoddily burnt CDR’s that’ve graced my welcome mat over the years – then again, I’d be 100% more likely to just listen to an actual vinyl…

Check out the video below and for more info head to KONTORRECORDS.DE