The Lurkers


LDN collective The Lurkers have been tearing up the city for a while now, creating always unique content for their central hub blog. It’s equal part urbex, travel, graffiti and general mischief, with a hint of streetstyle blogging thrown in for good measure.

In their own words “A movement created by an intrigued group of individuals, representing our desires to retreat back to the underground, back to a time when the unknown fuelled our creative dreams. Inspired by our vast planet, from it’s natural wonders to the hidden pockets that time forgot and it’s fragile relationship with the modern day aesthetics, and motivations that dominate our world today. Lurking beneath the surface away from the masses, are the raw, un-tainted elements that all things natural, man-made, celebrated or alienated are rooted in. The Lurkers is a journey, producing an ever evolving artistic reaction to these surroundings.”

Check out their first video & some of their images below. Head to THE-LURKERS.CO.UK for more info.






[Via. Don’t Panic]