The Anonymous Sex Journal


The Anonymous Sex Journal is a compendium of secretly submitted anecdotes about our sex lives. Awkward, touching, weird and surprising, this first issue is made up of twenty-one stories, which have been left as submitted and true to their tone.

The anonymous process has ensured that the journal’s content reveals a broad range of personal experience that reads as a candid and intimate account of our sexual DNA. From loss of virginity to post-coital clumsiness and graphic, vivid fantasies, the Anonymous Sex Journal is a confessions booth like no other.

The first issue ‘The Pilot Issue’ or ‘Foreplay’ and is limited to 250 copies – all signed. Some of our favourite quotes are below.

“Just as I had cleaned the cum off my tits, my boyfriend’s step-dad came into the dark bathroom and turned on the light.”

“Remember that time when your friends strapped a camera to a broom handle and secretly filmed us fucking on the balcony of the chalet?”

“I lost my virginity to Pulp Fiction, during that bit where they dance like they’re underwater”

Conceived by Alex Tieghi-Walker, and with illustrations by Margot Bowman, the journal exists in print-only format, produced by boutique Ditto Press. The journal is published by Protein, and the launch will be held in their concept space ’18 Hewett Street’.

For more info head to the Protein Store or visit the THEANONYMOUSSEXJOURNAL.COM