Sailor Jerry Anthem

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Named after Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, the undisputed father of the old-school tattoo and a true independent spirit, Sailor Jerry spiced rum embodies everything its namesake stood for.

The man himself redefined what a tattoo could be and lived according to his own rules, without ever giving an inch on his ideals or his inclinations. Collins remains at the heart of everything Sailor Jerry do, not to mention all the crap they refuse to do.

Over the past decade they’ve been documenting the Sailor Jerry life and for the first time they’ve compiled hidden archive footage from multiple partys, BBQ’s, gigs & events, cut it up with historic WWII-era Honolulu material taken from the Hori Smoku documentary on the life and times of the legend himself. And to top it all off? It’s soundtracked by The Misfits 1979 track ‘Where Eagles Dare’, which marks the first time EVER the band has allowed commercial use of their music.

For more information head to their FACEBOOK or to SAILORJERRY.COM/UK.

You can check out stills from the video below, to see it in its entirety click here or on any of the stills below.

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