Top 250 Movies On IMDB


Youtube user Jonathan Keogh has undertaken the mammoth task of creating the ultimate movie compilation video. Taking IMDB’s top 250 movies, he cuts up key moments from the films into a two and a half minutes mash up – some damn fine editing skills on display here.

Speaking of the video, Keogh says:

This is one incredible list of films/movies. If Peter Weyland wanted
David to learn about cinema while the crew of Prometheus was still in
hyper sleep, he’d probably have him go down the IMDB Top 250. This
list does change infrequently, and I began the project over a month
prior to November 1, 2012, so attention to my haters…Yes…I KNOW
some of these movies are not on the top 250. 53 Titles to be exact
(as of 11/1/12). However, none of my haters can tell me that any of
these 303 titles do not exist on IMDB.

From what I can gather, each film that makes it on the list has to have a rating of at least 8/10 on IMDB. After all this is a democracy, so each film does appear because of a substantial amount of votes. However, I couldn’t put “The Avengers” in without “Ferris Bueller”, and I wasn’t going to let “Scarface” slide if “Bringing Out The Dead” wasn’t in there too.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy it.

Check out the video above and for more movie mashups head over to his youtube channel.