Do You Want To Sleep Or Do You Want To Live?


A few months ago Eastpak posed the question to us “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I gave it some thought and laid out a reasonably personal story, that would have problem seemed lame to most. Now the second question they’ve pitched us is…

“Do You Want To Sleep Or Do You Want To Live?”

Well? Are you happy? Do you work to live or do you actually enjoy your job? Do you constantly consider what you ‘should be’ doing, not what you want to do? If you work a job you hate, quit. Not in happy relationship, get out.If you’re hung up thinking about how people should live their lives, what previous generations have deemed proper decorum, how your look fits a scene, milestones you should have hit and what media you should consume….just go to sleep – wait for it to be over.

Because honestly life’s too short (horribly cliched phrase) to give a shit. Your actions, the things that make you happy and enrich your life, are yours to do what you want with. As long as those actions don’t have negative effects on the people around you or the greater good of the world, don’t give a fuck, just do it.

So the next time you dont buy a tee or dress, because your worried about this seasons look, if delete music from your iPod because of a bad Pitchfork review or grab an early night instead of heading to a gig because of that job you hate the next morning, think about that phrase – “Do You Want To Sleep Or Do You Want To Live?”

For more info on the eastpak campaign and to check out their new find-a-gig site to help you live your life to the fullest head here.