Steven Albert


As we’ve stated many a time on Faux, we love a photorealistic painting or drawing. The artwork of both Robert Bernadi and Juan Francisco Casas has been featured on our site in the past year and now its time to introduce you to Steven Albert.

Albert says of his work:

Architectural elements are used as a sort of scaffolding to frame,and fracture the picture plane and illusionistic spaces, creating something of a kaleidoscopic collage. Objects and events like interior/exterior, people, streets, cars, tables, chairs, cups, napkins and trees, are held together by a unifying, realistic rendering and warm, bright light, shadows, and reflections luring us in. With no object or figure deemed more central or more important than any other, the paintings are subject-less and decentralized, seemingly expanding beyond the confines of the canvas.

You can check out a small gallery of his work below, but for the full scope of his incredible painting head to