Elliphant – Ciant Hear It


Noise pop, a chart friendly racket, whatever you want to call it the noisier/angrier side of pop music has certainly made itself known over the past couple of years. With the success of professional dick head and hater of ear drums, Skrillex – I guess the public has learnt to deal all the ruckus and appreciate the coarser more aggressive approaches to music.

Enter Stockholm’s star in waiting Elliphant aka Ellinor Olovsdotter who first caught our attention with the Diplo-esq ‘Tekkno Scene’. Our interests have peaked once again with her new single which has just premiered on Noisey ‘Ciant Hear It’.

Two are things are clear from her latest video (above), she is one to watch over the next 12 months and she will spell ‘can’t’ however the fuck she wants too.

For more info visit her facebook.