Eastpak: Toury 55


Those lovely folks at the almighty Eastpak recently launched their 2012 campaign to find out when the last time we all did something for the first time – recalling life changing moments and new experiences from bloggers and fans worldwide. As part of the campaign they were nice enough to ship us some luggage from their latest lines. Our favourite of which is the Toury 55 range.

Marketed as a travel backpack/daypack it sits in a weird stasis between big enough for a weeks holiday and small enough for lugging around for a weekend – which is actually what makes it perfect. If your like me and for a weeks holiday, you pack realistically and not for every worst possible scenario, then this case is perfect. But as economical as I am for big holidays, I tend to overpack for short breaks because I cant be away from my mod cons, macbook, big headphones, the 12 magazines I buy a week etc. So congrats Toury 55 you serve my eccentric travel patterns well.


Snug custom laptop pouch for 15″ laptops, in front pouch.

Strong compression straps.

Strong (tuck away) shoulder straps for more mobile carrying.


It’s a bit bigger than most for the average day tripper and maybe a bit small for some holiday makers – but it serves a purpose.

For more info visit eastpak.com