B. Dolan & The Church Of Love & Ruin



Just 2 days before he brings his acclaimed ‘Church Of Love & Ruin’ tour to the UK, we’ve been chatting to Rapper/Activist/Performance artist B. Dolan to find out why this tour is so unique. Inspired by the ’boutique festival’ scene, ‘Church’ focuses on atmosphere, handpicked artists, and chaotic, inspired moments of surprise throughout the show. With 3 full dates, 3 solo shows, 2 co-headline slots with Strange Famous founder Sage Francis and a big finale planned at Bestival – this is one stop-off to the UK you don’t want to miss.

SO, How things?

Man. My bowels usually let me know how I’m doing. I’m a hard dude to shake mentally, but my colon tends to manifest my subconscious. The other day I thought I was in real danger of dying on a toilet. Also, I recently had a dream that I was trying to swim in an ocean of boiling tar.

But we’re past anxiety dreamtime now. My bag is packed at my feet. Life is moving fast these days.

We’re taking to you a few days before you kick off the UK leg of The Church Of Love And Ruin tour, excited to be back in the UK?

Excited isn’t even the word. Honestly, I never dreamed I would be able to bring a show the size of the Church tour overseas… and everyone I tell about it looks at me like I’m insane. As far as I can tell, the stars will never align like this again, and the people coming to these shows are going to see some shit they are totally, totally unprepared for.

Where did the idea for the Church tours come from? Its certainly not a traditional hip-hop show.

It came from my boredom with traditional hip hop shows. So much tired shit has become a norm in the genre, or an easy mold that rappers just step into when they present a live concert. It’s the same old story of crowds rewarding performers for doing something familiar, and performers getting lazy and content to give them what they want.

You’re the performer though; you’re supposed to be in that elevated position because you have an idea, or something new to say or do. So we try to give people the NEXT shit to want, and play with the boundaries to make things more unpredictable and dangerous again. That might mean ruin, but more often it’s generated a lot of love.

What were you looking for in the line-up of performers?

All the performers on the bill inspire me, and are innovative and expert in the realm of performance. There’s also a lot of really incredible music going on, and it’s still about music at it’s heart, but the performance also had to be there. The lineup compliments itself also, and moves the audience through a bunch of different styles of interacting as the night continues… Dancing is as important as lyricism in this show, which is a specific point that I think the show makes. One is not better than the other, and when both are in each other’s space in the right way it can make for a really dynamic experience.

A lot of the Church performers are Gay, have you had any resistance from fans or at shows over in the US?

Surprisingly, I’ve heard more vocal resistance to the queer performers on the bill from the U.K. than I ever have in the U.S. It’s never been much though.

I have a feeling the portion of our fanbase that stays home because of their homophobia is small and quiet, though I realize they do exist. I’m ok with that though. In the long run, I believe some of them will see the error of their ways and the ignorance behind that action, and I’d rather be the artist that challenged and lost them than have their ticket money.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us, keep it up.

Thank you, Faux. See you next week!

For ticket information and full tour details head to bdolan.net and dont forget to hit up The Church Of Love & Ruin on Facebook at facebook.com/churchofloveandruin


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