Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – Official Trailer


The Silent Hill series of games is one of the longest running modern day franchises. Let call them ‘Post-Cartridge” franchises, games like Gran Turismo, Halo, Forza, Grand Theft Auto & Resident Evil – long running franchises that primarily made their debuts on CD/DVD for a Sony or Microsoft console.

But its transition into film has been slow, compared to it stable mate Resident Evil. With 5 already out and 2 more under planning, Resident Evil has stormed through production releasing one every 2 years. Silent Hill however made its film debut in 2006 and its taken 8 years for a sequel to arise, this is primarily due to the mixed reaction from movie goers to the first one. Whereas RE waters down its story and favours gory action over authentically replicating the adventure & social commentary elements of the games, director Christopher Gans took Silent Hill in the other direction – this confused the hell out of most people, and its safe to say if you weren’t the least bit familiar with the games, a good chunk of the film would go over your head.

But now its time for the sequel. With Christopher Gans pulling out of the directing chair, the studio looked to appoint a director who could balance the complex story of Silent Hill and mainstream appeal. Michael J. Bassett is apparently that man, judging by the trailer (above) he may have just achieved it. The visuals look as stunning as the first and key elements have carried over nicely.

Check out the full trailer above and for more info head to IMDB.