Top 10 Creative Business Cards


Business cards. Yep, those little pieces of card that we all carry around, hoping one day someone will ask for one. Are they still needed in 2012? We all have smartphones that can store the info displayed on them, all wrapped up in an easy searchable database. In most industries that’s probably true, retail managers, bankers, mid-level corporate stooges and office workers in general who all hand out boring cards with a little bit of detail and their hotmail address on, are basically redundant – especially if they use a prepack design from fucking vista print (and were obviously too cheap to pay the £2.50 to remove the vp logo from the back).

The creative sector however is a different ball game – unusual, well designed cards that grab the attention of like minded people and hiring managers are often the key to getting your foot in the door.

So how creative can you really be? Are we talking, a slight embossing? an off-kilter font? serif not sans-serif? Check out a collection of some of the most creative business cards we’ve ever seen below.