THE 1000th POST!


As you may have gathered by the title, this is the 1000th post on Faux Magazine.

We started the site nearly 3 years ago, from a small office in the city of Lincoln, with big dreams and only basic know-how. The site was meant to act as a companion to the printed publication we intended to publish. We ended up printing & publishing 5 editions of Faux Magazine over the course of our first year, 20,000 copies distributed all over the midlands and of course we kept growing the site alongside them. You can check out the original print run on our ISSUU account.

Eventually we had to drop out of printing due to print costs tripling after the 2010 budget, making it unsustainable at the time, so we cut our losses and pushed on in the digital world, listening to feedback, learning the ropes and doing our best to provide varied and interesting content.

Our ethos has and always will be to provide a platform that champions interesting people & content, no pretension, no patronising the reader, just the best things in life – and we’re moving ever closer to our goals every day – the site is always changing and evolving.

So with this landmark post on Faux, we’d like to thank our readers over the years, all that have contributed to our content, everyone that supported and helped us with our original print run, the staff from our club night, the PR’s and press departments that took a chance on a small startup site and the continued support you all provide us.

Heres to the next 3 years and beyond!

Below is a huge list of all the people we need to thank – if we’ve missed anyone off or spelt your name wrong, i’m sorry, its a big list – just tweet or email us, ill correct. It’s in no particular order, it’s essentially a brain fart of names & companies.

Mike Coleman, Andy Von Pip, Joe Muggs, Tom Revell, Dan Willis, Huw Stephens, Ben Atkins @ Moda, Andy Ellis, Eddie Bye, Andrew Skinner, Imogen Napper, Darius Matthews, Sebastian Cox, Rob Allenby, Tom Austen & Will Morris @ Urchins, Adam Hockley, Ryan Butcher, Annabelle Moore, Eleanor Doughty, Annie Mackenzie, Carl Walker & Chris Hughes @ SCY, Chris Wheatley @ Indiescreet, Darryl Marsden, Eddie.Whittingham, Emily Solan, Erin Kubicki, Eugenie Johnson, Graham Cooling, Ash Oglina, Ashley Patridge, John Helps, Joseph Merriman, Katherine Holt, Sean Adams, Avalon Lyndon, Charles Darbyshire @ PelskiBlog, Cheryl Burns, Hannah Cox, Hannah Matthews, James Corden (Not that one), Katie Wilkinson @ Freedom Spark & Gaggle, Laura Westerby, Liam Haynes, Paul Cook, Robert Smith, Rosie Ramsden, Scott Kershaw, Sophie Stones, Steph Wilson, Steve Haddock, Theodora Wakeley, Tom Brodrick, Tom Hasson, Tom Jordan, James Edwards, James Thornhill, Jennifer Cooling, Joe Gardner, Elisa Aimi, Andy George & Jaymo & The Moda Crew, Oliver Primus, Jenna Knight, Kat Chan, Danna Takako & Oli Marlow @ Fabric, APS Printers, Tom Bassi @ Flexout, Riz Ahmed Aka Riz MC, David Bray, Jonathan Murray, Jenn Porreca, Amanda Lopez, Michael Palmer, Charlotte Willcocks, Baz Singh & Rebecca Pippin @ Microsoft, Jade Williams Aka Sunday Girl,  James Arnold, Anna Meacham, Karen Piper, Rob Sonic, Damo Jones, Kate Price, Kate Freeman, John Rogers, Jenny Entwistle, Tilly Kneale, Sam Hextall, Warren Higgins, Lucius Yeo, James Penycate, Merlin Jones, Mike Gourlay, Naomi Williams, Jamie Dobison, Dan Smyth, Michelle Huynh, Craig Duranti, Jamie Danan, Wil Gilgrass, Steve Smailes, Hayley Connelly, Chris Cuff, Clare Dover, Alex Fordham, Stuart Freeman, James Mack, Dj Rafik, Dj Cable, Rob Foster & Blaise Belville @ Platform/Leisure & Boileroom, Kate Newman @ Vice, Sohaib Ahmed @ HTC, Rob Dix, Jessica Simpson (Not that one) @ Sony, David Rae, Vicki Addison, Jacob Plant, Shaun Altoft @ Journal Print, Henry Moller @ Audio Doughnuts, Angela Birchall, Jim Penistan, Rob Milsom, Andrew Jacques, Michael Chapman, Adam Foster…..

AND….(for inspiring, helping or simply offering friendly advice) all people at …. Suck Clothing, 6Music, Timeless, R3dn3ck, Chuff, Lucid, Bang On, The Counter Culture Project, Summer Sundae, Camden Crawl, The Great Escape, FACT, MODA, San City High, Ninja Tune, Flexout, Digs, Sparkhouse, Stargazer, Drunken Werewolf, The Blue Walrus, The 405, Handsome Clothing, Nylon, Drowned In Sound, This is Fake DIY, Vice, Complex, W00t Media, Protein, Fabric, The Engine Shed, Jagermeister, Anyone involved with Four Lions, EMI, Sony, Warp Film & Records, Rough Trade, Mama Group, Charm Factory, Freeman, Pelski, The Recommender, Hype Machine, Sure Shot, Fat Poppadaddys, Six07, Kitsune, Ed Banger, Red Bull, Work It, Tandem, Orange Tree, Penguin, Advantage Media, Powerhouse, Rizzoli, Juxtapoz, Hypebeast, The Hundreds, Cool Delta, Smashing Magazine, Beach Break, Platform & Leisure, The Stool Pigeon & Sooooo many more….

Big thanks from Martyn Cooling (Faux Founder & Editor) xx

P.S. Once again, sorry if you were missed off.