Slam Dunk 2012: North


I’ve been putting off this review for a couple of weeks, lacking the inspiration on how to attack it, Slam Dunk is a festival celebrating the world of punk/pop-punk, not a subject we often cover on Faux.

But when recently The Guardian’s Alex Petridis interviewed Slipknot’s Corey Taylor about the world of metal and how it’s consistently ignored in mainstream media despite having a strong scene that allows bands to have long full careers and sell out stadiums; and this carries over into the majority of ‘underground’ genres – like the music featured at Slam Dunk 2012. In short, who gives a fuck if it isn’t mainstream or ‘cool’ or what we should be doing, me & 10,000 other people loved it.

So this year, I hit Slam Dunk north, held at Leeds University, the festival sprawls over the main atrium and fringe clubs & bars that surround it – with stages supported by Punktastic (didn’t know they were still active :s ), Vans, Redbull, Jager & Atticus. Over the course of the day, through struggling to make head and tail of the festivals flow and navigate the buildings, all whilst actually physically fighting to get in and out stages & doors, I managed to experience the spectrum of artists that dominate current scene and once again become immersed in the genres that soundtracked my youth and become mainstays of my musical taste.

Highlight performances for me included Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, The Blackout, Gallows, Architects, Funeral For a Friend and I drunkenly marked out for Capdown – skanking to my hearts content.

Overall alot of the bands I caught throughout the day impressed greatly, in fact there’s very little point doing a full review of each performance I saw, it would just be gushing. Every band on the bill put their all in and the level of professionalism from all acts and the entire Slam Dunk crew was great. Heres a couple of special mentions one positive and my only negative aspect of the weekend.

The Story So Far – A young band in the midst of their boom period, these guys exude passion. When I got to see them on the Punktastic stage, the electric crowd packed into the tiny 150 capacity space. They had the most passionate crowd of the weekend and delivered what must have been the performance of their career. Parker Cannon (best name ever) and his crew are going far.

Taking Back Sunday – I was never the biggest fan of TBS, but I’m familiar enough to take an interest their headline set – I wish i hadn’t. Singer, Adam Lazarra’s over-enthusiasm & his high/drunk/delirious state didn’t mix and it made for a shambolic performance that was frankly quite embarrassing to watch.

For more info on Slam Dunk, head to and you can check out a selection of photos from the event below.