Six Seasons & A Movie


One of my favourite TV shows Community is been honoured June 23rd/24th in L.A at the PixelDrip gallery. The show has a cult of passionate & supportive fans that keep the show alive, so after a long wait, last week saw the announcement of the shows renewal for a fourth season, it seems like the perfect time for an exhibition.

The exhibition title Six Seasons & A Movie, comes from a throwaway comment early in the shows life from the character Abed, who uttered the phrase in response to Jeff Wingers mocking of the TV show The Cape and how it would be cancelled within weeks. Abed assertion that a niche/cult show like The Cape could last six seasons & a movie like Sex & The City, has become a popular mantra amongst fans, as the show finds itself in the same situation. The shows creators even added it as hashtag at the end of the current season’s credits, drumming up support for the ‘almost on the verge of cancellation’ show.

You can check out some of the artwork below and if you lucky enough to live in L.A head over to the PixelDrip site for more info.

[Via. Slashfilm]