Grimes Ft Majical Cloudz – Nightmusic


I still haven’t warmed to Grimes yet. The 24 year old indie sensation has many a blog and media outlet hot & bothered, attracted to her dark atmospherics, moody brooding and very subtle pop aesthetics. Sitting somewhere between Lykke Li & Little Boots, she matches her roving electro beats with a drawn out high pitched vocal style.

I’m still to understand her appeal and to be honest I find her voice grating and the beats mediocre at best. She strikes me as a try-hard ADHD electro hipster who rides on her ‘quirky’ ‘unique’ persona more than her musical accomplishments – just google “Grimes boat Mississippi” and you’ll see what I mean.

But hey, thats just my opinion, what do you think about her rise to fame and subsequent domination of everyones 2012 playlists? Check out her latest video below and find out more at