Assassins Creed III


The first Assassins Creed games were unique introductions into the sandbox genre, set in the time of the crusades it pitted the legendary Knights Templar against a mysterious brotherhood of Assassins, all wrapped up in an weaving Sci-Fi storyline. Taking gameplay mechanics from the Prince Of Persia series, mixed with modern day Parkour moves, Ubisoft created a brand new bankable franchise at a time when video game production was shifting (in a similar way to Hollywood) towards a remakes & sequels led business.

After two highly successful titles and two well received expansions to the second in the series, Ubisoft is about to release Assassins Creed 3. This time the storyline moves away from the time of the crusades and pits our protagonist against the armies and luminaries of the American revolution as he fights his way through colonial USA.

The first gameplay trailer has just been revealed and you can check it out below. For more info visit