Pizza! – We Come From The Swamp


The eclectic Los Angeles quintet Pizza! recently disbanded, but not before completing We Come from the Swamp, their meticulously-orchestrated lo-fi pop album that’ll make you wish you were entrenched in the L.A DIY scene.

The album is true to Pizza!’s new-wave, keyboard heavy, melodic stylings subtly dusted with their usual biting social commentary. We Come From The Swamp is an expansive, surprising and altogether fitting send off for Pizza!.

Post Pizza! the boys are pursuing their solo projects and still working within the industry.Geoff is focusing on his eponymous solo project while playing bass in So Many Wizards; Duncan is scoring films and playing keyboards for Evan Voytas; Alex is playing bass in Fol Chen; Tyler is creating a solo project; Rand is pursuing a Phd in Robotics.

Pizza! have decided to release the album via Bandcamp. It’s being offered on a “pay what you want” basis, with no minimum price. To Download ‘We Come From the Swamp’ just head to