OBEY THE GIANT – Official Trailer


OBEY THE GIANT is the first narrative film about Shepard Fairey and his OBEY empire. In a similar vein to The Social Network, filmaker Julian Marshall is keen to point out that it’s NOT a documentary; but is authorised by Shepard Fairey and he has exclusive rights to the tell the story of OBEY’s birth.

The film starts in Providence, Rhode Island, back in 1990 when Shepard was studying illustration at RISD. In an illustration class, called Style and Substance, Shepard received an assignment that would later establish his legacy in Providence. Each student in the class was given a fortune cookie, and tasked with illustrating his or her respective fortune. Shepard’s fortune read “To Affect The Quality Of The Day Is No Small Achievement”. He then decided to paste his Andre graphic over the face of notorious former Mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci, on his re-election billboard, located in the heart of the city.

You can check out the trailer below, which at the end features more information about the project from the creators and details about their funding pledges on Kickstarter.com