New Blood: Slam Donahue


Their story goes like this…David Otto & Tom Sommerville (2/3rds of Slam Donahue) were once in rival bands, competing for the limited stage time in their backwater hometown. But after years of competing, a meeting at a far from sold out show saw the boys shake hands and decide to up sticks and move to NYC. Eventually joined by Fort Lean’s Keenan Mitchell, Slam Donahue was born.

With a great deal of energy and a love of everything loud, Slam Donahue produce tweaked out melodic-indie-pop that has been tearing up the earholes at this years SXSW. Compared to the likes of MGMT & The Smashing Pumpkins, Slam Donahue have pulled their immediate influences close to their chest and distilled a perfectly formed brand of modern-pop with a hearty rock & roll attitude.

They’ve just released their Big House, Nice Dreams mixtape, which to capture the untapped innocence of their youth, was recorded solely on an old boombox; no producer, no tampering – straight to tape. You can grab the mixtape from

For more info on the guys, follow them at their Tumblr or on twitter. But for now, check out a recent acoustic performance they did for BTV, below.