Kurt Cobain’s Lost Artwork



This week The Fix debuted 4 recently unearthed paintings & 1 drawing by the late Kurt Cobain. Fix founder Maer Roshan discoverd the trove while reporting for ‘Courtney Comes Clean’, the first e-book in the Quick Fix series.

“Painted in 1993, during the recording of Nirvana’s last studio album, In Utero, they illustrate the young genius’s fascination with decay, conception, nourishment, and waste. We’ve seen the figures in these paintings before: An image of a birthing sea horse was the cover to an early single; a figure resembling a puppet’s skeleton was the cover for Incesticide, a B-side collection released after 1991’s Nevermind, with liner notes by Cobain detailing a search through the London back alleys for one such doll. The same figure in another painting has flared green wings closely resembles In Utero’s front cover”

Painted at the height of Kurts addiction, the disturbing and morbid images give a deeper insight into the tortured genius that was taken from us 18 years ago. You can check out the images below and find out more at The Fix.