Hick – Official Trailer


The latest film from acclaimed screenwriter & director Derick Martini is ‘Hick’ – a coming of age drama based on the novel of the same name by Andrea Portes.

Hick follows 13 year old Nebraska Girl Lull (Chloe Moretz) as she ups and abandons her alcoholic parents, grabbing a pistol for protection she hits the road and attempts to hitchhike to Vegas. Hitting various bumps along the way she is soon taken under the wing of seasoned drifter Glenda (Blake Lively) and dragged into the world of short cons and lecherous men.

With a great main cast and cameos from Juliette Lewis and Alex Baldwin, Hick looks to be a brutal growing up story and Lull has the world thrown at her and she is forced to comprehend more that she expected.

‘Hick’ hits cinemas in the US May 12th and a worldwide release is pending. Check out the trailer below and for more info head to IMDB.