Working in nightclubs & bars since I was 17 (9 years), I’ve seen the good the bad and derelict. I’ve been treated like a king, with free bottle service, VIP tables and relaxed rules… and i’ve been spat on, punched and had varying amounts of glassware & abuse hurled my way. After a recent redundancy, my next foray in the leisure industry will hopefully be my own establishment, as over the next year I hunt for the necessary funds to develop a concept i’ve been working for the best part of 2 years.

As such the latest collaboration between Vice & Heineken is of great interest to me, the series follows five young designers from different disciplines as they come together to create their vision of the nightclub of the future. Alongside this the series explores the several theories behind nightclub production & development and how its changed over the years. With commentary from the likes of David Byrne and some of the most acclaimed names in New York Nightlife such as Andre Balazs, Peter Gatien, Kenny Scharf and Eric Goode – its a must for anyone with interest in the world of nightclubs.

You can check out the first episode below, but keep checking back on vice.com/discotecture for more parts as they become available.