Diplo: 128 Beats Per Minute


Part biography, part photo journal, world renowned DJ Diplo has just dropped his debut book ‘128 beats per minute’. The book is a collaboration with photographer Shane McCauley and documents the superstar DJ’s adventures around the world, from Tel Aviv, Jamaica and beyond.

The book is a comprehensive guide to the world of Diplo. With two introductions, one from Diplo himself outlining how he got his start in Philadelphia and the evolution of Mad Decent – and a full foreword by fashion designer Alexander Wang giving Diplo a glowing introduction.

The book is split in sections, each division represents a country and contains photos from the country along side personal accounts of his time their – giving both a deep look into Diplo’s world as well as the sexy, dark & clouded nightlife industry in which he inhabits. One of the most interesting parts of the book is the playlists that accompany each section, documenting the tracks that shaped his sets in whichever country his tours took him to. The 10 track playlists have a greater relevance outside of Diplo’s world, they provide an in-depth look at what tracks have dominated the clubs over the last 10 years.

Millions of air-miles, thirty two countries and seven years later, this is what Diplo has been up to & this is what shaped the musical landscape.

For more info check out Amazon or have a look at the trailer below.