Bottom Of The Ninth


Ryan Woodward’s ‘Bottom Of The Ninth’ is probably the worlds first animated graphic novel – probably. The project will be launched exclusively for the iPad & iPhone with a HTC version to follow suit. By animating key panels in the book, the serialized comic comes to life and blurs the line between still & moving image.

The first app, Prologue, will set up the characters and the world of Tao City. Candy Cunningham is an 18 year old girl, born with a phenomenal athletic ability, and a hot head! Her father, Gordy Cunningham is an aged major league player who’s athletic abilities have diminished over the years, but his ability to put on a good clown show always draws a crowd and ticket sales. Throughout the story, Candy faces some serious identity issues. The fame and glory of being a Tao City hero conflict with the true meaning of happiness taught to her by her father.

Can’t wait till it launches in May? No problem, check out the preview video below and for more info visit