Yougo Jeberg


Interview: Alie Cuomo – Photos: Yougo Jeberg – Edited By: Martyn Cooling

Capturing youth at its best and its worst, Yougo Jeberg is still young in the photography game, with only 3 years under his belt. Re-blogged thousand of times on Tumblr and intriguing the fashion world, his spontaneous style remains sincere, yet fearless. Next month, Yougo is going to expand his work by finally circulating his much anticipated first short-movie, “Crusin’ is the answer”. The movie, an ode to teenage abandon, made of friends moments, happy and sad, glorious and disappointingly fleeting moments, is going to be presented in Paris on the 19th of April at the launch party for the webzine YOUNGWILDFREE.

Alie Cuomo recently sat down for a chat with Yougo, to find out more about his recent rise to prominence.

How long have you been taking photographs for now?

3 years.

Do you always look for particular moments in people’s life or do you also stage them?

I do a lot of photos in the moment, to keep the truth of the situation. You can’t reveal all the daily moments of the youth without capturing the instant. Sometimes I stage photos but it’s more for my fashion qork, if I have to choose I prefer to keep the fleeting moments.

People let you take all these intimate pictures without any worries?

I think a lot of people know my photos because they are on the internet, they know what to expect, they know my way of living and how I deal with intimacy. They are already my friends because they know me without knowing me, so it’s easier to take photos of them. It’s why I love my work!

Do you think of the nudity in your pictures as being erotic?

Ahaha no. There is no sexuality in my photos, the nude on my photos is rough ! I prefer to take pictures of the imperfections of the body, I try to show the prettiness in the ugliness.

You have also made a series of pictures with models (Taylor Warren, Bradley Soileau, Marcel Castenmiller,…). Usually your models are your friends. Did working with professional models change your artistic process?

The professional models I chose are close to my age, so we are in the same state of mind. But during the shooting it’s not too professional, we talk about cool things. At the end of the shooting we are always wondering when will be the next time we will meet.

From all the people you shot, with whom was the experience most interesting?

I don’t know, every time it’s a new experience.

A lot of your images are overexposed and there are often light leaks, sun flares, shifting colors, and double exposures.

Working with analog cameras is a privilege, you don’t need to retouch the digital image to transform it as an analog one. At first those kind of lightleaks were mistakes, then I tried to find out how I made it. I experiment a lot with analog cameras, it’s a game of tricks that never ends. I like those mistakes because the image looks rough and it’s interesting to stare at the image for a longtime, there’s a magic inside, sometimes some drawings appears within the lightleaks, it’s creepy ! I think I’m some kind of wizard !

What are you working on currently?

I’m finishing my short film “Cruisin’ is the answer” that will be screened next month in Paris.

The film shows a happy generation of youth, radiating a living feeling of energy and optimism. Does the camera present a reality only wished for? How does the principle of cruisin work for you?

The film shows an actual reality, everytime time I can I film what we do with my friends. It’s a film about my friends but I’m also behind the camera, I do the same things as them, we are all in the moment. It’s a story about friends having fun, having fun is a therapy to hunt our devils, it’s a typical case. Cruisin’ means traveling, escaping reality.

Your first exhibition is coming up soon. What can we expect?

You can expect to see exclusive photos and videos – I’m really looking forward to see what people will think about my work.

What is one thing that you most want to accomplish in this industry?

More fashion campaigns and music videos.

Best piece of photography advice?

Think quickly and push the button.

You can check out a gallery of work from Yougo below, and find out more on his Facebook Page.