New Blood: iAm1


Singer song writer Oli Rose and MC Jamie Wallace together make up iAm1, an acoustic hip hop act formed at Westminster Uni. Usually I run as far as I can from artist descriptions that start with ‘Acoustic’ – picturing formerly socially awkward teens who mastered a few power chords weeping into their guitar whilst still socially awkward teens surround them and hang on their every pseudo intellectual word. But, not this time, its less Ed-sheeran and more… talented.

I caught up with Oli this weekend for a quick chat, about whats next for the boys.

How did you guys meet?

We were put into a band/group together at the start of university during our first module. It was a group of 6 and we had to write 6 songs. Me and Jamie then continued working with each other and the project grew from there.

How would you describe your style?

I’d describe our style as a mix of influences… from hip hop, to rock, folk.. we take a mixture of styles and combine elements depending on what we are feeling at the time.

You both come from pretty diverse backgrounds, is there anything that heavily influences you both?

We both like a lot of the same music… we are influenced by music in general

You got the ‘Watching Ep’ out now, whats the plan for 2012, album? Or keep pushing forward until the time is right?

The watching ep is on iTunes now and the official release was March 19th and we will be pushing that for a while. We’ve got a few more video’s to be released in the next few weeks while we keep writing and working on new material. No specific plan for an album release as yet.

You can check out their latest video below for ‘Watching’ and the majority of their EP is on Soundcloud here.