Kara by Quantic Dream


Quantic Dream, the games studio most famous for their Playstation 3 title ‘Heavy Rain’ – a deep, narrative driven, film noir thriller that redefined the way we think about interacting with our games – not in a ‘waggle this’ and ‘jump up n’ down’ ‘Wii style’ farce, but in a truly unique way that bridged the gap between classic point & click adventures and modern action based games.

The studio has just released this technical demo called ‘Kara’ to demonstrate the abilities of its new motion capture engine. Wanting to push forward and improve their games as much as they can, the new engine will become a staple of their production – defining the quality of their output.

Check it out below – the demo features android-in-construction ‘Kara’ as she struggles with coming to life and her place in the world.