Halo 4: First Look


Bungie the development team behind the much celebrated Halo series split its relationship with Microsoft in 2008, handing over the rights to the Halo universe in the process. They continued to work on two further Halo games, Reach & Halo 3: ODST, after they parted ways – but now they’re done.

So whats next for one of the best selling gaming franchises in history? Well 343 Industries (a new Microsoft subsidiary, created in the wake of the split) has taken over the Halo duties. 343 worked on the recently released HD reboot of the first Halo game as well as all the DLC for Reach, and are now pushing forward hard on the true test of their Halo-abilities ‘Halo 4’ – one of the most anticipated games in console history.

This week the studio released the following development diary showing their progress so far and providing the first glimpse into the new game as we dig further into the Halo Universe.

Sound a bit too geeky for you? awww well, i’m too excited to care!

You can check out the video below and find out more at halo.xbox.com