Frat House – Full Documentary


Before Road Trip, Old School & The Hangover, Todd Phillips made two excellent documentaries – ‘Hated’ an in depth look at everyones favourite mentally-unstable punk GG Allin and the famously “banned from HBO” ‘Frat House’. Well, ‘Frat House’ has ended up on Youtube, not sure if it should be there, not sure how long it’ll stay there, but its there and its a must watch.

Phillips and his filmaking partner Andrew Gurland spent the best part of a year in Allentown, Pennsylvania shooting and infiltrating fraternity life. They joined the members of various societies to uncover the types of character drawn to frat house life, the hazing process and just what it takes to get into these legendary institutions.

They received alot of flack about some of the footage being staged – especially the hazing sequences – and as such HBO decided not to air the work. Phillips defended the footage and always maintained that the film was totally accurate.

You can check it out below – but as mentioned, we just found the thing on Youtube, not sure if it should be there, or how long it will be there. Enjoy.