Vuvuvultures – “VVV” EP


Since forming in mid 2011, Harmony, Nicole, Paul and Matthew – collectively known as Vuvuvultures – have got to work creating a sound that walks that fine line between chaos & control.

They’ve built their reputation through consistant live performances all over London, a strong online presence and created an outlet for their musical inspiration in their club night ‘The Island’. Always surrouned by their motley crew of photographers, designers and VJs (they’re from East London, what job does anyone else have…), these events have provided the perfect backdrop to their upfront live shows.

The VVV EP is a mess of musical styles, fused together by the bands forward thinking vision and sponge-like thirst for art & culture – it flips from synth based freak outs to minimal slow-burners at the drop of a hat.

The EP is set to drop this March, with the launch party been held at ‘The Island’ on March 15th. But you can check out the EP below Via Soundcloud and find out more at