Moby’s L.A Architecture



Did you know the bespectacled, techno loving hipster, Moby – has one of the most interesting photo blogs around? Ok, so this is probably old news to some people, he tweets about it all the time to his 1.2 million followers on twitter; but I only just found it, so shut up and enjoy.

Moby’s L.A Architecture blog is his own personal collection of images, documenting the wierd, wonderful and often downright terrible architecture that plagues the L.A landscape. He introduces the blog by saying:

“Most cities have big, grand, old, and well documented architecture. LA has idiosyncratic weirdness. Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes strange. Sometimes painfully banal. So when I walk/drive around LA I’ll take pictures of some of the strange, beautiful, ugly, banal, sublime, baffling buildings I come across.”

You can check out some of our favourite images below, all credit for the images go to Moby. For more info and to check out the blog visit

[Via. Flavourwire & Moby]