Grinderman RMX 2


Forthcoming after their recently announced disbanding, Nick Cave’s Grinderman project have returned for one last grizzly hurrah; their posthumously released ‘Grinderman RMX 2’. It is, quelle suprise, a remix album of their critically lauded Grinderman 2 album. For anyone unfamiliar with Grinderman’s sinister ruminations, the band have spent the past five years troubling ears and speaker stacks with their gritty, skewed rock ‘n’ roll, led by the ever charsimatic, manic spectre of Nick Cave. Excitingly, whilst the prospect of a Remix album may suggest ‘Nick Cave dubstep RMX’ surfacing on Youtube, this particular remix album boasts collaborations with a similarly-hued collection of icons including Josh Homme, The National, UNKLE, Cat’s Eyes, Factory Floor and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner.

Nick Zinner has taken the album’s wailing ‘Bellringer Blues’ and skewed it into a rattling, fuzz-driven lope, complete with grainy, ‘Zinner-cam’ shot live footage. View the video below and rest assured that ethough they may be no more, at least we’re guaranteed that Cave’s blistering Grinderman project will offer one last tantalising shot of wild-eyed, whiskey soaked rock ‘n’ roll energy.

Grinderman 2 RMX is released on March 26th via Mute Records.


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